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Dr. Ruth Reuter is a private consultant specialising in veterinary pathology and cytology and holds Diplomate status with the American College. This textbook has been revised for students starting the – academic year. The book comes with a CD-ROM containing photomicrographs of the. Cover image for Veterinary Histology This digital textbook provides comprehensive, system-specific text as well as high-resolution, annotated images along.

Book Description: Veterinary Histology is a microscopic anatomy textbook focused on domestic species, including the dog, cat, cattle, horses, swine, and camelids. This digital textbook provides comprehensive, system-specific text as well as high-resolution, annotated images along with chapter-specific glossary of terms and learning objectives.

Introduction Copyright Disclaimer Chapter 1: The Cell.

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Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Epithelium Keywords Overview Morphological Classification of Epithelia Classification by number of layers of cells Classification by shape of the cells at the free surface Classification by function of epithelium Modifications to epithelium Chapter 3: Connective Tissue.

Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Cardiovascular System.

Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow.

Color Atlas Of Veterinary Histology

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Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 3rd Edition (With CD)

Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: In other words, the diaphragm's movement downwards creates a partial vacuum in the thoracic cavity, which forces the lungs to expand to fill the void, drawing air in the process.

Cavity expansion happens in two extremes, along with intermediary forms.

When the lower ribs are stabilized and the central tendon of the diaphragm is mobile, a contraction brings the insertion central tendon towards the origins and pushes the lower cavity towards the pelvis, allowing the thoracic cavity to expand downward.

This is often called belly breathing.

Veterinary histology

When the central tendon is stabilized and the lower ribs are mobile, a contraction lifts the origins ribs up towards the insertion central tendon which works in conjunction with other muscles to allow the ribs to slide and the thoracic cavity to expand laterally and upwards.

When the diaphragm relaxes, air is exhaled by elastic recoil process of the lung and the tissues lining the thoracic cavity. Assisting this function with muscular effort called forced exhalation involves the internal intercostal muscles used in conjunction with the abdominal muscles , which act as an antagonist paired with the diaphragm's contraction.

The diaphragm is also involved in non-respiratory functions. It helps to expel vomit , feces , and urine from the body by increasing intra-abdominal pressure, aids in childbirth, [7] and prevents acid reflux by exerting pressure on the esophagus as it passes through the esophageal hiatus. In some non-human animals, the diaphragm is not crucial for breathing; a cow, for instance, can survive fairly asymptomatically with diaphragmatic paralysis as long as no massive aerobic metabolic demands are made of it.

Paralysis[ edit ] If either the phrenic nerve , cervical spine or brainstem is damaged, this will sever the nervous supply to the diaphragm. The most common damage to the phrenic nerve is by bronchial cancer , which usually only affects one side of the diaphragm. Hernias are described as rolling, in which the hernia is beside the oesophagus, or sliding, in which the hernia directly involves the esophagus.

These hernias are implicated in the development of reflux, as the different pressures between the thorax and abdomen normally act to keep pressure on the esophageal hiatus. With herniation, this pressure is no longer present, and the angle between the cardia of the stomach and the oesophagus disappear.

Not all hiatus hernias cause symptoms however, although almost all people with Barrett's oesophagus or oesophagitis have a hiatus hernia. When the pleuroperitoneal membranes fail to fuse, the diaphragm does not act as an effective barrier between the abdomen and thorax.

Herniation is usually of the left, and commonly through the posterior lumbocostal triangle , although rarely through the anterior foramen of Morgagni.Since the organ is made up of cells and tissues and the function of an organ is attributed to the cells that characterize the organ, it is essential for students to learn general histology prior to studying the organ systems.

Variation[ edit ] The sternal portion of the muscle is sometimes wanting and more rarely defects occur in the lateral part of the central tendon or adjoining muscle fibers.

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If however you are unable to get your CD to work on your Mac and you are in North America please contact orders ames. Chapter 15 Endocrine System is written by new authors.

Successfully reported this slideshow. Thus the diaphragm emerges in the context of a body plan that separated an upper feeding compartment from a lower digestive tract, but the point at which it originates is a matter of definition. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.