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This is a site full of information about the video game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature on the PS1. Back to Nature is, in my opinion, the best Harvest Moon game in. Retro Magazines, Comics, Game Guide, Game Book Scans» Game Guides» Harvest Moon Back to Nature Prima Official eGuide. Harvest Moon. ®.: Back to Nature. Prima's Official Strategy Guide. Debra McBride. David Cassady. Prima Games. A Division of Random House.

This is not true! I have personally tested this out and you can not get another horse. You can get another horse if yours was taken though! Check out the secret sectoin for more.

Twins There is a rumor that you can have twin babies in the game. This is also a lie. It was said if you gave your wife as much jewelry as possible during her pregnancy she would become so happy and produce twins, this is not right!

There is no space in the start menu, and someone has tested this and it has not worked! Ice There is a rumor that you can make ice or get it. This is not true, there is no way to get ice. Press buttons in this order Triangle triangle X circle circle triangle square square x x x triangle Unpause the game and pause it again, you will have full inventory, all upgrades full animals, all tools, all power nuts and so forth, the only thing you are missing is a wife.

This is untrue because everytime you hit the x button the start menu closes. Cooking Festival It's been said that the first person you talk to at the cooking festival wins, and if you want to win, you don't talk to anyone. This does NOT work.

Double the Money When you ship vegetables and other stuff when Zack comes to your farm right at 5: Fishing Pole I actually thought this was true. I remember reading somewhere you had to have the Fishing Pole to get the legendary fish, well this is false. You can catch all of the legendary fish with the normal Fishing Rod, the Pole is just something special. New Girl? There is a rumor that if you let all the girls marry the bachelors in Back to Nature that a new girl will arrive named Elizabeth that you can date!

Contributed by Ian These are all the false rumors for now. Each one is unique and some are very fun. There's festivals for every season, and it's a good idea to go to them, as you might win useful prizes and earn popularity! You gather at the Inn with all the adults, be careful not to drink too much! If you don't want to go drinking, go to the village square and dance the night away with your favorite gal! Spring Goddess Festival Date: You can escort a girl to the festival if she likes you by talking to her the day before, but you can't really do that until the second year unless you woo her quickly.

Spring Thanksgiving- Date: Train your horse everyday by riding it when it is adult and brushing it everyday. You probably can't participate the first year since your horse won't be mature enough most likely! Cooking Festival Date: Bring something you cooked, and it's best if you use good quality food and make the recipe complicated!

Summer Swimming Festival Date: Go to the beach to participate in a swimming race! This time you have to press a button to breathe! So every once in a while push the button to breathe. It's like a chicken fight, press the circle button to cheer on your chicken. It will fly around trying to knock it's opponent someone else's chicken out of the ring!

If you win your chicken will produce golden eggs. You can choose what team you want to be on Elli's, Popuri's, Ann's or Maria's. Then you press square to duck behind a barrel and circle to shoot tomatoes at opponenets! You have to hit all three people on the other teams to win, but be careful not to be hit yourself!. Cow Festival Date: If you win your cow will give gold milk. FireWorks- Date: Go to the pier at 6: Fall Music Festival Date: The priest will come by the day before to ask you to play an instrument, accept to become more popular with the villages.

Harvest Festival Date: Throw your item into the pot and then eat up! Moon-Viewing Festival Date: The girl who likes you the most will probably be there, and you can spend the night watching the moon with her. Sheep Festival Date: If you win your sheep will produce golden wool which is worth a lot of money. Winter Dog Race- Date: Thanksgiving- Date: If they're at green they'll give you chocolate cake. Popuri comes at 6, Ann at 8, Elli at 10, Karen at 1, and Maria at 3!

Make sure to be there for them! It starts at 6 P. M at their house. New Year's Eve- Date: I can not be held liable for anything that may happen to your game cartridge, game system or game shark due to the Gameshark Codes. Replace xx with: Maria, Elli, Ann, Karen and Popuri. They have different roles however. I will tell you about them here.

For more information on each girl, click on their picture! The heart rates for the girls are as follows Ann Lives: She is a little shy now and is a great cook! Karen Lives: She works at a grocery store. Her dad is Jeff.

She is a bit nicer now. Elli Lives: She works at the clinic, and she has a little brother. She likes the doctor, she is also caring and motherly. Popuri Lives: She works at a Poultry Store. She is pretty much the same but loves birds. Mary Lives: Her parents are Anna and Basil, and she still works in the library. She is very different, she is outgoing now! To get her to come out, throw an offering into her little area 5 days in a row.

To throw one in, stand behind the waterfall and throw it in. She will do something for you after you throw things in 5 times in a row, 10 times in a row and 20 times in a row. Answer yes and the girl that likes you the most will meet you at the hot springs. You can get them to help you on the farm, and give them specific jobs! There are 7 of them, and they all have different colored outfits to help tell them apart. Here are there names Aqua-The one in the blue suit, he talks about his color.

Hoggy-The one in a yellow suit, likes to sleep. Chef-The one in the red suit, it likes to cook. Staid-The one in a dark blue suit, it likes to work! Bold-The one in the purple suit, it thinks you are trustworthy. Nappy-The one in the orange suit. Timid-The one in the green suit, it is scared easily! You can ask the Harvest Sprites to help you out on your farm by talking to them twice.

In spring though, they will talk about their tea party, but you can get them to help you by talking to them 5 times each individual. You can get them to water crops, harvest crops and take care of your animals.

It is best if you give them flour bought from the supermarket 50G each in exchange for them helping you, this will increase their heart and will to work for you! You can ask them to work 1 day, 3 days, or one week. The best is 3 days, that way you can regulate where they are working, but only ask them once in a while.

Where They Live- The lives in a small hut behind the church. What They Like-Besides flour they like, accessories, apple pie, bodigizer, bread, butter, cake, cookies, flour, fruit juices, green grass, honey, hot milk, jam, omelets, relaxation tea, strawberry milk, sweet potatoes, mix juices, pizza, wild grapes, wine and yarn.

How many should I ask for help from? If you ask them all, you'll have days when they aren't helping you because you won't be able to ask them on their last day of work to come the next day! And 3 or 4 do the job equally as well unless of course you have like 30 crops patches or something, then you might need all 7.

But if you have patches, they can do the job! Some other things are that you really don't need them to help with your animals unless you have a lot. If you have a full barn upgraded barn with 20 animals, you should ask for their help, but if you have only a few animals, you'll be fine on your own! Make sure to give them a reward, even just a flower picked in the mountain, because they will work more efficiently if they like you more! It will raise their heart for you one or two! You also have to get your tools upgraded at the Blacksmith, below is a list of the levels, and how much you need to get them done.

Use it to catch fish you can eat, keep in your pond, or sell. You get the fishing rod if you have 50 or more fish in Fishing Rod Free your little pond on your farm. Use it to milk Milker 2,G your adult cows. download this at the Yodel Farm. Use it to call in your Bell g sheep and cows from the field download these at the Blacksmith Shop. Use it to get wool Shears 1,G from your adult sheep. download these at the Blacksmith shop.

Use them to Brush g brush your animals to get them to like you more! download it only Animal Medicine 1,G when your animals are sick. When your animals are sick immediately download this and treat them! download this at the Yodel farm. Use it to make your cows Cow Miracle Potion 3,G pregnent. Use it to make your Sheep Miracle Potion 3,G sheep pregnent. download this from the Supermarket or the Salesman. Blue Feather 1,G Use it to propose to the girl of your dreams when she has a high affection for you.

Basket 5,G download this at the Supermarket. It can carry 30 items. download this from the salesman. You use it to train your Ball G dog and raise its affection level. download this at the Supermarket. It can carry 4 tools and Medium Rucksack 3,G 4 items. Large Rucksack 5,G download this at the Supermarket. It is available 10 days after you download the Medium Rucksack.

download this from the Salesman. It is used in cooking when you have a kitchen. Jewelry Earrings, 1,G and Get this made at the Blacksmith shop. You can give Bracelet or Necklace Orichalc Ore it to a girl.

It is used to turn Cheese Machine Adamantite Ore milk into cheese which you can sell. It is used to turn Mayonnaise Machine Adamantite Ore eggs into mayonnaise which you can sell. It is used to turn Yarn Machine Adamantite Ore wool into yarn which you can sell. You can get these with the Fishing Rod or Pole. You can't keep the fish, but you get fish prints.

To view your fish prints go to the start menu. Catfish- To get the catfish, dig in the Winter Mine to the very bottom. Then go into the cavern that has a tunnel leading to it and fish with your pole in the pond.

You will get the Catfish Print. Squid- To get the squid, take a small fish to the ocean and throw it in. Then use your fishing pole in the Ocean. The small fish will be "bait" for one day, so if you don't catch the Squid the first day, you have to throw another small fish in the next day! Sea Bream- To get the sea bream, it can be any season but winter. You have to have shipped fish, then if you have you can catch this in the ocean.

Angler- To get the angler, go to the beach in the Winter between 11pm and 8 am. Fish in the ocean and you should eventually get this fish.

Carp- To catch the carp, it can be any season but winter. You have to have caught the other 5 fish, and once you have you can catch this fish in Mother's Lake. You catch this fish at the river that is on your farm, or the small river near the hot springs. There are 10 of them, below are where to get them!

Try to cut down the tree on Mother's Hill past the lake and over the bridge. It will talk to you, and give you a choice whether to continue cutting or stop, say stop and you'll get a PB. Mine in the mine behind the waterfall, you'll eventually get a PB. Mine in the Winter Mine, you'll eventually get a PB.

Win the Swimming Festival in the summer. Throw five items one per day into the Goddess Pond stand where behind the waterfall to throw things in and she'll give you a PB. In the Winter, go behind and to the left of the mine. Press X and walk around against the wall you can't see and you'll find one! download one off of the TV Shopping Network after you have bought all the kitchen utensils.

download one at the Horse Race. Manage to win medals of course 9. Fish in the Ocean and eventually you'll get a Power Berry! In the Winter mine down to the bottom of the Winter Mine.

Go into the cavern with the pond and start fishing, you'll eventually get a Power Berry. Plant more than 90 flowers on your farm, and when Anna comes by when they bloom tell her she can have as many as she wants.

She'll give you a Power Berry. Look below the picture to see descriptions of each area!

Screen shots of each individual area soon to come. You take care of crops, animals and other things here! Also you can find different people hanging around! You can also go here to socialize with various people from town. You can download Sheep or Cows here, and this is also where you will get your pony! If you are nice to them, you can ask them to come help you out at your farm! The Music Festival is held there, and you can also "confess your sins" in the confessional booth.

You will get an exam and can download medicine there. If you are sick you'll stay overnight at the Clinic and be home the next morning on your farm. The items change from season to season, so you might want to check back every season! His home is usually hustling and bustling. You can learn about different things like animals and farming. The selection changes so check back everyone once in a while. Use the basket to gather the cropsin; you'll be surprised at how much time this saves.

Sell the tomatoes, ofcourse, but save the profits up. Since there won't be another harvest oftomatoes, once you've harvested all of the outer ones, cut one of theplants away with the sickle so you can reach the inner tomato in each plot,and ship those out or save them in your refrigerator.

You obviouslydon't need to water the tomatoes any longer. Summer 28 Another harvest of pineapples today! And corn, but that's second prioritynow. Gather and sell all of the fruits and vegetables. Yep, you're already downloading livestock. Makes ya proud, doesn't it? Be sure to download some fodder to feed the cow with, as well. You just have tobe sure to talk to your cow and feed it daily, and of course, you shoulddownload more fodder if you start running low. Use the cut-to-the-center trickon the crops to get those last fruits and vegetables, and either ship themor save them in the fridge.

Now you have no crops left to tend to for therest of the season! Summer 30 The last day of the season is today, obviously. It is a normal day, butit's worth noting that you'll want at least 3,G for next season. Oh,and cut down the remaining crops on the field, since they're not going todo anything but take up space next season.

Since they're so valuable, we're going to dedicate this entireseason's field space to Sweet Potato seeds. download 9 bags of Sweet Potatoes,and plant and water them all. Finish the day's chores, then go to bed.

Ohyes, and Won might come by today or some time soon to sell you a dog ballfor G. download it! By throwing the ball for your dog, as long as he comesback to you with it and barks at you, you can increase his intelligence abit every day. You only have to throw the ball for him and have him bringit back once per day; any other times you do won't have any effect.

Fall 3 Today is the Music Festival. After everything is done on the farm, go tothe church and head inside. You need to arrive between PM and PM,so don't slack off. Once inside, talk to Carter to begin the festivities. If you agreed yesterday to help him out, then you'll also be performing,and everybody present will like you a bit better. Fall 6 The first of nine harvests is today. Ship the Sweet Potatoes out, and usethe profits tomorrow to download the Milker.

Fall 9 The second of nine harvests is today, and it's also the Harvest Festival. Ship your items out, and bring an egg to the festival. Put the egg in thehot pot, and everybody present will like you a bit better. This game justhands out the free affection, doesn't it? Anyway, you should be able toafford the barn upgrade now, but you won't be able to have Gotz start ituntil the next harvest day. Be sure to order the Pot from TV Shoppingtomorrow.

Fall 12 The third of nine harvests is today. Go see Gotz today, and have himbegin upgrading your barn. Also, stop by the supermarket and download 12 bagsof grass.

Plant them all on the far side of the field you don't have towater them, thankfully. Fall 13 Today is Moon-Viewing Day, and one of the rare holidays that all of theshops are still open on. Go and download a new cow or two from Barley withyesterday's harvest profits. View themoon with her. Fall 14 Duke will come by today to ask you to help with the grape harvests. Agreeto it, even if you don't plan to. If you want Cliff to stay in the villagefor the rest of the game, go and find him today and tell him about the job.

General FAQs

Fall 15 The fourth of nine harvests is today. Use the profits tomorrow foranother cow, and the Mixer from TV Shopping. At PM, even if there'scrops left on the plants, head into town and go to the winery. You need toget there between PM and PM. Participate in the grape-gathering,and grab all 16 grapes one of which is impossible to get if you don't getit first thing; search the vine in the upper right first for grapes.

Dothis every day for the next six days including today, of course. Use the profits Tuesday for two morecows. Fall 21 The Sheep Festival is today, but since you don't have any sheep yet, thereis no point whatsoever in attending. This is also the sixth of nineharvests. Tomorrow, invest in another cow. Fall 24 The seventh of nine harvests is today. Invest yet again in cows, as wellas downloading the Whisk from TV Shopping.

Fall 27 The eighth of nine harvests is today. Invest yet again in cows. Startingto see a trend here? By now you should have or be close to having 10cows.

Fall 30 The ninth and final harvest is today. Ship all of the sweet potatoesout, saving a few if you wish for the icebox.

You won't be able to use theprofits until next season, but that's okay. Except, of course, that you'llprobably not be getting much rest at all. Start the day the usual way,and be sure to grab the Power Berry behind the winter mine.

Doingthis should get you the winter mine Power Berry eventually, as well. Besure to grab a few pieces of each type of ore to store in the cabinet, aswell. That way, you won't have to wait until next Winter to collect it. Asthe season progresses, fish in the ocean for the elusive Power Berry foundin it. Winter 10 The Dog Race is today. You can have your dog participate if you want. Winning it doesn't really do much, so it's not mandatory.

By now, youshould be able to afford another sheep. Be sure to keep getting sheep asmoney comes available for them, and don't forget to keep your fodder andchicken feed stock high! I'll assume that you're downloading your sheep whenmoney is available for them, and not mention it again.

Just be sure thatyou have 5,G available on the 15th and 22nd, and 2,G available on the29th. Winter 14 Winter Thanksgiving is today. Any girl who has at least a purple heartrelationship with you at least 10, affection, in other words will showup today and give you gifts, as long as you're not married which isn'teven possible yet, since the house is still in stage 2. Try and get everygirl up to at least 10, affection before this day, as you can getChocolate if you do which is the rarest item in the game; you can't get itany other time.

Winter 24 This is the Star Night Festival. If you have good relations with one ofthe girls, talk to her on the 23rd several times, and she'll probablyinvite you over to her place for dinner tonight. If this does happen, besure to show up between PM and PM!

Winter 30 This is the New Year's Party. Go up to Mother Hill after all of yourday's work is done, to the peak. Everybody is there, awaiting the firstsunrise of the new year.

Join in and gain some respect from the village. The time to arrive is at midnight, surprisingly. After the day's work is complete, go to either theinn or the square, depending on what group of people you want to like youbetter. NOTE: During this season, until you have a full barn of 10 cows and 10sheep, you should spend any available money on sheep.

Once you have afull barn, download the 9 bags of grass and plant them.


Once that is done, getthe house upgraded, and when that's taken care of, spring for the MayoMaker. The reason for not listing the specific goals per day is becauseyour profits will vary according to how much you mined during Winter.

NOTE 2: Your horse will also grow up at some point during this season. As long as he has at least 8 hearts, you'll get to keep him, and as anadded bonus, you can start riding him. When you ride your horse, youincrease his stamina though you can only increase it once per day , andthis increased stamina will let him do better in the local horse race onthe 18th of Spring. Spring 2 The supermarket is closed today, so download 6 bags of Cabbage Seeds from Wonand plant them.

Spring 3 Get your supermarket seeds today. Since you've already shipped a lot ofcrops the previous year, you only need to download 3 bags of Cucumber Seeds, 12 bags of Potato Seeds, and 1 bag of Turnips.

Plant the Cucumbers,Turnips, and 4 bags of the Potato Seeds. When the Turnips are ripe, storethem in your icebox. Spring 8 The Goddess Festival is today.

Chances are that this year, you'll be ableto ask a girl to go with you. Whatever the case, attend it to make friendswith the villagers. Spring 11 The first batch of Potatoes is ready now. Ship them out and replace thefreed-up field space with more Potato Seeds.

Harvest Moon Back to Nature Prima Official eGuide

Do this again the next Potatoharvest. Spring 14 It's Spring Thanksgiving again, and this time, you can give cookies to thegirls. Just bake some up in the kitchen, and give them to the girls atsome point during the day but before 5PM, please! Spring 18 The local Horse Race is today. If you've taken good care of your horse,and ridden it around since it grew up, you'll have a shot at winning. Keeptrying until you do if you want the Power Berry for this season.

Harvest Moon Back To Nature Strategy Guide Official eBook in PDF Format

If not,just leave it for year 3. Spring 22 The Cooking Festival is today. If you want to win it, get some RelaxationTea Leaves from the Harvest Sprites some time before the 22nd, and on theday of the festival, make the tea with as much as you possibly can. Spring 30 The last day of the season. Be sure that you have everything done forthe season including having saved some of each crop in the fridge , and ifyou haven't yet, download some Strawberry Seeds for next year.

Also, download 4 bagsof Pineapple Seeds from Won or more, if you want more money next season ,and 12 bags of Pink Cat Seeds. If you missed the Power Berry last year, you haveanother shot at getting it this year.

The contest is still just as hard asit was before, though. Get them when money is available for them. Plant all12 bags of Pink Cat Seeds on the far side of the farm. Be sure to refreshthe Onion plots as harvests are made. Summer 7 The Sumo Chicken Festival has arrived again.

Enter your second-best hen seeing as your first should've won last year , and win again this year. Some time soon, Anna should show up and ask to pick flowers. Let her, andshe'll give you the last Power Berry.

Summer 12 The Tomato Festival is back. Attend if you'd like, but don't feelpressured to. Summer 20 The Cow Festival is today. Enter your original cow, and watch as itbegins producing Gold Milk. Summer 24 The Fireworks Display is today. Watch it with your best girl if you want. Summer 30 The last day of the season, and the checkpoint. Make sure you have all ofthe season's goals met, then start in on Fall.

Simply make sure that you plant enough crops to unlockthe Spinach crop, with time to plant some once you do unlock it 4 plots ofEggplants, 6 plots of Carrots which you should refresh at the appropriatetime , and 2 plots of Green Peppers.

This season is very much lacking inany real goals, since most everything was completed last season. Just keep at it,Spring is just around the corner. By now, you shouldhave the hang of the game, anyway. If you didn't get the Horse Race PowerBerry last year, you can just brute force download it by betting an excessiveamount on a sure winner during one of the races. The game loses a lot of interest right aroundthis point. Just keep plodding on, the game's end is almost in sight.

Just a bit longer, just a bitlonger The laststretch before the credits roll If you did everything as this walkthrough asked, then you willmost definitely get to keep the farm. After this, it's just an endlessloop of doing the same stuff you did during year 3 minus the minor goalsof planting the secret crops and finishing the recipes. Congratulationson completing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature! Ifyou just want a quick idea of where you should be at or what you should bedoing, then this is the place to look.

This walkthrough focuses on gettingthe absolute most possible done in a single year. Do not I repeat, donot attempt this guide if you're not willing to dedicate every possibleminute as efficiently as possible. Days that end before midnight are veryrare, and the only time spent not working is spent getting from place toplace to do more work.

Holidays are all but ignored. This walkthrough isvery terse, as I expect an expert player already knows how to play thegame, and doesn't need step-by-step instructions for every little thing i. I assume you'll have the sense to get the Brush, Clippers, and Milkerwhen you need them, and that you don't need step-by-step instructions onhow to do things like plant crops and tend to animals.

I also assume thatan expert player knows to hop into the hot springs when their stamina isrunning low. Since the springs simultaneously restore stamina and reducefatigue, you can work 'til you start getting sick, then just hop into thehot springs for 50 minutes to get rid of the sickness completely, andrestore stamina.

Take advantage of this useful feature; it will makethe task of gaining money via mining that much easier. Get your money up to G, and download 4 bags of Cabbage Seeds. Plant them,then head for bed. Spring 3 A normal day. Perform the daily chores, then go to bed. Get at least 10more bags of Cabbage planted by the 14th. Before this, though, use yourmining profits to download a chicken.

You should also get the copper axeupgrade before the 16th. If you have all of this done and you findyourself with the cash available, download a package of turnips and plant them. Spring 16 Your first harvest of Cabbage is in. Sell them all, then download the mediumrucksack come the next day. download one package of Turnips if you haven'talready and one package of Cucumbers, and plant them both. If you alreadyplanted the Turnips, donate 5 of them to the Waterfall Goddess for a PowerBerry once they're ripe.

Try to get the hammerupgraded soon. You should also get the Mystic Berry as soon as yourCucumbers are ripe.

Spring 29 Do your watering early today, and give your watering can to Saibara toupgrade to gold. Otherwise, normal day. A turbo controller canassure you victory. The reward a Power Berry is critical. Summer 2 Plant your seeds 9-square plots from now on , go get your watering can,and water them all.

You won't be able to forage as much today as you cannormally anyway. Summer 7 Take your original hen and win the Sumo Chicken Festival. Upgrade thechicken coop as soon as your mining makes money available for it.

Summer 22 First pineapple harvest is today. Tomorrow if you haven't already , haveGotz come and upgrade your house, have Saibara upgrade your axe, download theBasket and Large Rucksack, and download as many cows as you can.

Be sure to getat least one bag of grass per cow, and plant the grass. Summer 28 Second pineapple harvest is today. Profits should go into downloading more cows, and the barn upgrade.

The rest of the season is unprofitable, so besure you have 5,G saved up for Fall. Feel free to download seeds for nextyear, if you have the money available. Today'sforaging should be limited to gathering items only. Fall 6First harvest. Profits should go towards the next house upgrade. Fall 9Second harvest. download 4 sheep tomorrow. Fall 12Third harvest. Fall 15Fourth harvest. download 2 sheep and upgrade the sickle tomorrow.

In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Uploaded By mandela Natsume Developer: Natsume Genre: RPG Official Site: Release Date: November 30, Japan: Unknown Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, is the 5th game in the Harvest Moon Series.

Released on Playstation, this was the first game in the series to be created for a non-Nintendo system. The game takes place in a brand new town, and features many of the same characters as Harvest Moon 64, though many of their relationships and occupations have changed. There are many new crops, festivals and events to witness as well. It was also the first game to have a strategy guide released with it by Prima.Summer 2 Now you can actually start doing the whole planting gig for the season.

Nothing happens after this.

Also consider how much work you can handle. How do I win the Sumo Chicken Contest? Winter 29 Loves: Click on any of the TV Shows listed below to see an episode guide. You mustdeliver three vegetables to him by the 21stplenty of time to growsome, if you dont have some available already.

This guide was written by me Sky Render , and as such, it's my property. And the first batch of tomatoes came in yesterday. You need at least a copper axe to chop down tree stumps, a copper hammer to deal with large stones, and a silver hammer to deal with the misshapen rocks.