best. Listening Practice Through Dictation 1. Writer: Kelly Lee. ISBN: Target: Pre-intermediate. FK Level: . Page/Size: p / * mm. Listening Practice Through Dictation 1 Transcripts. Bùi Thủy. Tran Transcripts scri pts Nature and the Environment Unit 3 Growing Roses M: Excuse me, ma'am. Arnasn T wsecr Answer Key iK ptesy Nature and the Environment Unit 4 Bird Watching A. New Words Unit 1 A Picnic by the River 1. boring 2. beautiful 3. area 4.

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Listening Practice through Dictation (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4) native speakers (MP3), as well as scripts of texts, answer keys and wordlist (PDF). Unit 1 Hibernation called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll works with the. W: Some animals in cold climates hibernate. sun to help the trees make food. In autumn. Listening Practice Through Dictation 1-Wordlist - Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Next to each farms. They needed children to help them work. Parents do A fourth method is to let the head of the not expect their children to work for them. It is household decide what is best. That is the way we also becoming very expensive to raise and educate do it in my family. The head of our household, children.

Many parents cannot afford to have a my father, listens to all our opinions. Then he large family.

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Others think that there are already makes a decision. We agree to follow his decision, too many people in the world. If they have more even if we dont like it.

Making family decisions is not always easy. Also, the types of families are changing. The important thing is to choose a method that Statistics show that there are more single everyone agrees on.

That could cause a problem, parents than ever before. More and more however. Which method should you use to decide unmarried couples are having children, and a which method to choose for making decisions?

Traditional familiesa married couple with childrenlive in less than 25 percent Unit 25 My Favorite Teacher of all US homes. M: The best teacher Ive ever had was Mr. One reason for this trend is the greater Lambert, my high school French teacher. He number of working women. In the past, women was short, with dark hair, a thick beard, and a depended on their husbands for money.

Now, big smile. His legs were short, too, so his arms many women have jobs. They dont have to be always looked too long. He was a very good married to have money. Another reason is teacher because he always brought so much divorce. This is when a husband and wife decide energy to the classroom. His classes were never not to be married anymore.

Almost half of all boring because he was always active, trying to US marriages end in divorce. Many people find new methods to communicate ideas. They prefer to Because he taught French, English wasnt be single and live without a husband or a wife. Unit 24 Making Decisions Once, he had to communicate the word G: How does your family make important above without saying it in English.

First, he decisions? Do children have any say in making pulled a desk near the blackboard, and then these decisions, or do parents simply tell them put a wastebasket between the desk and the what to do?

There are several different methods blackboard.

Next, he put his feet on the edge of for making family decisions. Each family that he was above the wastebasket. Ive never member writes his or her own choice on a piece forgotten that demonstration.


It was difficult of paper. With this method, each person gets not to enjoy the subject when he was so excited equal say in the issue being decided.

What if the about teaching it. You should think of an idea to The most important reason that Mr. Lambert is the best teacher Ive ever had is that A second method is to give older children he loved all his students, even when we made special privileges.

If youre moving into a new him angry by speaking English in class. Now that Im a teacher, I try my best to be decisions. Suppose a family goes on vacation like Mr. He is my role model. One year they might let their daughter decide where they should go. The next year, the choice goes to the son. M : Ha ha, very funny!

Do you know W: Hi! My name is Debra Garrel. Popular in Computer. Soraia Isabel. Review Questions - Essential. Jonathan Campbell.

Dhaval Bhayani. Kingsley Sa'yyd Idiagbor. Nininmamai Recibido.

Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan. Maggie Mahlia. About two weeks, I think. People should clean up before they leave, and M: Thank you so much for your not leave litter lying around.

Good idea! Unit 4 Bird Watching B: I want to go bird watching tomorrow. Do you know a good area for birds? There is a quiet park near here. There are always many beautiful birds there. Hi, Jane! Have you heard about the new laws to B: Will I be able to see different types of birds in help people recycle?

I heard about them on the news last night. Yes, I think so. The government wants to keep the environment B: I have a book about all the different types clean by recycling paper, metal, and glass of birds. It seems as if you really like bird watching. But who wants to pay an extra 50 cents each B: Yes, I do! Would you like to come with me time you download a cup of coffee?

No, thank you. I think bird watching is boring. Birds are very interesting. Some cup. Some birds sing W: I thought it was 50 cents! Some birds make special nests M: And you to lay eggs in. Maybe I will go bird watching one day cup. Well, maybe the government is right, after all.

We all need to recycle. It helps to keep the environment clean. There are many forests in North America. I need to check my messages.

There are many trees in these forests. Some of M: How are you going to do that? We are in the these trees are more than two hundred feet tall. Some are over five hundred years old. Fir, cedar, and pine are three. These trees grow in M: I just use my cell phone to talk to other different areas.

Some grow in forests. Some grow people. People who lived in this place W: Now you can also use a cell phone to send and long ago used these trees to make things out of receive short text messages.

How do you send a message that way? Many of these trees are now in special areas. I just use the keys on the phone to type a short These areas are called forest reserves or national message. Some parks charge a small entrance fee. You can save both time and Visitors must pay the fee to enter the parks. Then they can walk among the beautiful old W: All my friends usually send me text trees.

They must take care not to damage the messages now. We should all take care of forests. Thanks for telling me about this. Water is a liquid. When it is heated, it moves G: Hey, Steve. Look at my new MP3 player! When it starts to boil, B: It looks cool! Where did you download it? This gas is called G: I bought it online at an electronics website. This gas is lighter than the water B: Is it hard around it.

It rises to the top. Then it disappears to download things online? All you do is go to the website, As the water gets hotter and hotter, it starts and choose the item you want to look at.

There turning into gas very quickly. A lot of bubbles are so many items to choose from on the website! All these bubbles try to After you choose what you want to download, you escape at once.

This is what we call B: That does seem easy! Yes, it is. It only takes about a week for your More and more water turns into gas. More item to come. Of course, if you are in a hurry, of it disappears into the air. After a while, every you can pay more to get it sent faster. Try it and see! Do you pay for the item when it comes? No, you have to pay for it online with a credit card. Joe asked me something about science just now. Unit 11 Gold G: Ask me.

Gold has been a part of many cultures for B: Why is the sky blue? People made coins and jewelry G: Light comes with gold. Gold is a soft metal. It is easy to shape into B: The light is in many colors, right?

People sometimes G: Blue light waves are smaller than air mix gold with other metals. This makes the gold molecules. They sometimes get absorbed by harder. Then it can be made into beautiful jewelry. Why do we value gold so much? It has a B: What happens then? No other metal is a bright yellow. Then the blue light waves scatter in many We also value gold because it is rare. A rare directions.

Your eyes see this blue light from thing is hard to find.

Even after hundreds of above you, after it leaves the air molecules. It is still B: So that is what makes the sky blue! What valued for its beauty. It is still rare. Today, banks store gold in the form of bars.

They reflect off the things that they hit. Gold is shirt is red because our eyes see the red light more useful now than ever before.

Now I understand why the sky is blue! Have you heard about the music festival next summer? I read that it is going to have about 20 M: I just bought a digital camera! What is wrong with your old camera?

I think I did hear someone talking about it. Are M: I bought this one because I want to you planning on going? I heard that people are W: I might M: I can also delete pictures that are not very good.

I like to print all my photos. I think it is going to be the old cameras. Oh, you can print digital photos, too. Many M: Do you know how much the tickets are shops will print them for you. That seems easy! How do you store these digital spend that much on a ticket. Good luck, anyway! You can store the pictures on your computer. But you might run out of space. I save all the pictures I like on compact discs. You can store more than seven hundred photos on one CD!

Maybe I should get a digital camera, too. Are you going to the school play on Saturday W: Claude Monet was a great artist. He was the night? The school play? This group of artists thought to be a play on Saturday night. Yes, I heard about it in English class yesterday. I They tried to show this in their work.

Target Listening with Dictation

This way think it will be really good. Who told you about it? Martin, our English teacher, told us all Monet did a lot of his work outdoors. He about it. Many of his paintings are of gardens. He liked G: What is the play about? He loved to paint in B: Can you guess what it is? His garden was in a village. Oh, come on, tell me please!

Today, many visitors come each year to this G: They come from all over the world. Are you sure? Most of them are art lovers or artists. They B: Martin said. Would you like to watch the play with me on Saturday night? That would be great! Hi Cindy, where are you going?

I wanted to go to the beach G: Good afternoon, Mrs.


Ballet class? How long have you been studying ballet? A haunted house? What is it like? I used to learn ballet too, when I was your age. Now I teach ballet in a dance school. Where is the haunted house? Where do you teach B: The house is in the old forest. Are you really sure you want to go?

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Down the street at Easy Steps Dance Academy. I was G: I hope so! Well, go and have some fun dancing! Hi, Steve!What are the potential problems?

How long have you been studying ballet? Im enjoying grandmother, Guinevere. However, for many teachers these days, the word 'dictation' is synonymous with 'old-fashioned', 'boring', and 'teacher-centred'.

The food looks delicious!