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Traveller 5 Teachers Manual U6 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File 6 reading. 1. PRE-READING Discuss. In your opinion, what are the most are you not able to do online? a. book a room at the Palm Olive Resort Hotel b. watch . Key to Traveller Level B1+_WB Key to Traveller 5. a 6. d 7. h 8. f C. 7. unique a 5. book unknown 1. b 2. g 3. c 4. e 5. d 6. b 7. g 6. instructor Key to Traveller . It might be 2. teacher 7. fall 2. remarkable true that it has changed our lives 3. KSA Traveller 3 Teacher's Manual FINAL. Topics ksa traveller 3. Collectionopensource. LanguageEnglish. KSA TRAVELLER 3.

When visiting him in Prague, she finds him slaughtered by his enemies. Fulfilling her father's last wish, Maya takes a flight to the States supporting Shepherd, the last American Harlequin. She is determined to help him defend the last two Travelers alive. However, Shepherd has become a member of the Brethren. Working for the other side now, he tries to kill Maya. With the help of a young woman named Vikki she is lucky to get away.

Vikki is a member of the I. Jones Church, a church of followers of the Traveler Isaac T. Jones, who was killed by the Brethren in with Lion of the temple known as Zachary Goldman a harlequin.

Together they are able to find an ally, Hollis, a Capoeira trainer from Los Angeles and a former member of the Isaac T. Jones Community. The three of them are able to find the last living Travelers, Michael and Gabriel Corrigan. Before they are able to give them protection, Michael is captured by the Brethren. Instead of killing him immediately they try to convince him to help them.

The Brethren recently started a new Program. They were in contact with a technologically advanced civilization dwelling in another realm. Aiming to travel through the realities, they need the help of a guide, someone who is able to travel without technology - like a Traveler. For achieving help, they offer the Brethren high technology, weapons and plans for a quantum computer.

The Brethren want to use a real Traveler that can find this other civilization and guide it to the Earth. By offering Michael power, money and everything else he wants, the Brethren convince him to work for them.

With a new drug called 3B3, Michael is able to leave his realm without any usual way a Pathfinder would offer. A Pathfinder is a person that helps a Traveler to cross over. He or she is a teacher, but never a Traveler himself.

While Michael gains his first experiences with other realms, Maya tries to find a Pathfinder for Gabriel. She herself knows little of other realms and the process of crossing over. Hollis stays in Los Angeles to place a false track. But, Hollis defeats them.

In the meantime Maya and Gabriel find a Pathfinder in the desert in Arizona: an old woman researching king snakes in an abandoned missile silo. While teaching Gabriel how to cross over, she tells him everything she knows about the Travelers and the six realms. There is the first realm of a town like hell, the second realm of a city full of "hungry ghosts", the third is inhabited by animals ignorant of all others, the fourth realm is our own reality, where the sin is desire, the fifth realm is the reality of the "half gods", where the sin is jealousy, and the sixth realm of the "gods" themselves, where the sin is pride.

The "gods" and "half-gods" of the fifth and sixth realm are not meant like God as the creator of all life, but like the Tibetans describe them: human beings from parallel worlds. The realms are separated each by four barriers: one barrier of fire, one of water, one of earth and one of air. A Traveler that is capable of passing these four barriers is then able to enter one of the five other realms.

If his body on earth dies, his soul, called the light, is condemned to stay forever in the realm it visits at that time. Crossing over into other realities, a Traveler can only carry special objects, called talismans, with him. Equipped with this sword, he meets his brother in the realm of the hungry ghosts. His brother tries to convince him to join the Brethren. Gabriel resists the temptation, but he tells his brother where he left his body.

As a consequence Gabriel is imprisoned by the Brethren within hours and brought to the research centre where Michael is kept. Maya realizes that an immediate counterstrike is necessary. After an exciting battle in the Brethren's research facility, they free Gabriel but have to realize that they can not convince Michael to leave the Brethren.

Match the rest of the words with their meanings in the box. They are going to rebuild the bridge that collapsed in the earthquake. If everyone would reduce the amount of driving they do, the amount of pollution would lessen. He has recounted the story of how he got the job at least times! Are there any dishes which you recommend I try? I cant read this, can you please rewrite it more neatly? They are going to restore the 16th century museum in again the main square.

Why cant you two just talk to each other like adults and resolve your differences? I know youre lying to me, so would you like to revise your story? I spent the whole morning in the library researching for my project.

Complete the sentences below using the correct form of the verbs from the exercise above. Im afraid I must on everyone wearing their life jackets.

He hasnt done anything to to class discussion all year long. If you have some extra money, you should invest in the stock market. I like this author because he successfully combines history with humour in his stories.

We dont to each other very well, because we dont have anything in common. They will all schools with new books before 1st September. If you dont have any sour cream, you can mix it with yoghurt. You are wasting your money when you it on mobile phones. The spokesperson refused to on the results of the meeting. Its really hard to concentrate on my homework with all this noise! He has a degree in American History, but he specialised in Colonial Architecture.

Look at the extracts from the text on page 71 and answer the questions that follow. This exciting exhibition is centred on cutting-edge developments in the field of ecological architecture and technology. What does field mean? The city space station will be built on top of existing highrise buildings and will make use of solar power. What does power mean? There are many words in English which have different meanings although they have the same spelling and sometimes the same pronunciation.

Read the sentences below and match the words in bold with their meanings. The atmosphere inside the meeting room was very tense because the a. The satellite broke apart as it re-entered the Earths atmosphere. Calvin wastes his money on gadgets when he should be trying to save d.

The factory produces large amounts of toxic waste which is released e. Shirley used two poles and some wire to build a washing line in her f. Scientists discovered a hole in the ozone layer over the South Pole. In spring my husband and I like to go for a walk in the countryside l and enjoy the beauty of nature.

KSA Traveller 3 Teacher's Manual 2013 2014 FINAL

Lucy has a very gentle and loving nature. Spring is my favourite season; there is more sunlight, the flowers start j. When we were in Iceland, we went for a swim in a hot water spring; it k. You shouldnt exhaust yourself by worrying about things that are not l. Cyclists wear masks as they go about the city because of the high level a of exhaust fumes.

Look at the examples below taken from the text on page 71 and answer the questions that follow.

English Textbooks Red series

If the temperature continues to increase globally, it will become easy to grow exotic trees and plants Is the temperature likely to continue to increase? Yes Will this certainly happen?

No What is the condition and what is the result of the condition? Does the example above express something likely to happen or a general truth?

How would you feel if you lived on a giant platform on the sea or inside a giant plastic bubble under the ocean? Match the examples with the types of Conditionals explained below. If I were you is often used to express an opinion or give advice. Grammar Reference p. Be here in ten minutes or else I will catch the train without you. Unless you are here in ten minutes, I will catch the train without you 2. I cant help you because I have a lot of work. If I didnt have a lot of work, I would help you 3.

You must study hard, otherwise you wont get into the university you want. If you dont study hard, you wont get into the university you want 4. The ferry stops in very poor weather conditions.

If weather conditions are very poor, the ferry stops 5. Ill lend you my surf board but you must return it after the weekend. As long as you return it after the weekend, Ill lend you my surfboard. Why are they endangered? What can be done to protect endangered species?

For questions , choose the best answer a, b or c. What is the purpose of Endangered Species Chocolates? How does ESC reduce its negative effects on the environment? Why did ESC decide to use chocolate to give an environmental message? Because it is very popular. Because no one likes broccoli or carrots. Because chocolate is sweeter than carrots.

How does ESC protect endangered species? What is LEED? Why is Tony a fan of the giraffe chocolate bar? He likes its ingredients. The giraffe is the most endangered species. He loves giraffes.

What are the purses made out of? Look at the following extracts from the radio interview in the listening section and match the phrasal verbs in bold with their corresponding meanings a or b.

In order to keep up with the growing demand for premium chocolate, in we decided to move Read the examples below and complete the boxes with the missing modal verbs. It might rain later so take an umbrella just in case. Dont worry, your brother will be waiting for you at the station.

She cant be Toms mother; shes too young. John must be at home now; theres light in his bedroom. Match the phrasal verbs in bold with their meanings. Hey you, keep off the grass!

Despite the heavy rain, the boys kept on playing football.

The most complete and effective method

Keep to the speed limit or else Ill get out of the car. Its getting too loud in here, keep it down! Why do you always keep back all the interesting gossip? Positive deduction we are almost sure that something is true must Negative deduction we are almost sure that something is not true cant. Look at the following extracts from the radio interview.

Do you know any other prepositional phrases starting with for and without? Chocolate is one of the most loved and most consumed foods the world over without exception. Read the sentences and choose the correct prepositional phrase.

He didnt have anything at all for dinner. Read the sentences and circle the correct answer. Do you do any of them? You have been asked to change certain daily routines in order to reduce your impact on the environment.

Here are some ideas to consider. First, talk to each other about how helpful these ideas are. Then, decide which two ideas you think would be the most effective.

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You can use some of the words and expressions in the boxes. How helpful are these ideas? Which two ideas would be the most effective? If so what? What kind of generate pollutants organisation would interest you? Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence. There is a fascinating art a. A wind turbine a.

The forest fire spread into the town and destroyed over fifty nearby a. We were disappointed when we discovered that some of the hotel were out of order, in particular, the outdoor swimming pool and the gym.

Drivers should be more careful under wet and a. The author is an expert in the of archaeology. There was a lively a. Their cosmetics are all handmade with natural ingredients and they are not tested on animals; this makes them very to customers. Lets walk along the beach a. Choose the word or phrase that produces a grammatically correct sentence.

Be careful! You a. If we go to Egypt, we a. As long as I have enough money, I a house with a big yard and an outdoor swimming pool. David a. Is air pollution a serious problem where you live? What causes air pollution? In your opinion, what can be done to reduce air pollution? Read the short article and the rubric that follows. Underline the key words in the rubric. When the measure is enforced, it will be illegal for people to drive their car in the downtown area if there are not.

Residents have mixed feelings about the measure. When asked for his opinion, Adam Conway, an accountant who commutes to work daily, said, I know we have to do something about the air pollution in the city, but car-pooling will be very inconvenient for me. Car-pooling is one way to reduce levels of air pollution that is especially effective in crowded cities. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of car-pooling?

Discuss the issue giving examples. Read the essay written in response to the rubric. The first sentence topic sentence of each paragraph is missing.

Teaching Traveller Children

Look at the sentences a-d and match them with the paragraphs of the essay. By car-pooling, several people ride in one car and this reduces the number of vehicles on the road.

Moreover, it decreases the amount of gas we consume. This way, exhaust fumes that pollute the atmosphere are also reduced. People who share a ride are dependent on one another making it difficult to make individual plans. This creates the sense that ones freedom is somehow restricted. It is time for this to stop. On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks to this measure. Air pollution is a serious problem in most cities today and it is essential to find a way to deal with it.

On the whole, it would seem that the benefits of car-pooling outweigh the drawbacks. Mandatory car-pooling provides an effective solution in the attempt to reduce air pollution. The topic sentences are missing. Read the paragraphs and the topic sentences a-d.

Then, choose which topic sentence is most suitable for each paragraph. It does not contribute to global warming or acid rain. In addition, it saves you money because it helps you economise on your electricity bills, it does not require any fuel and has very low maintenance costs.

Furthermore, cloudy weather affects the production of solar energy, and no solar energy is produced during the night either. Read the article and the rubric below and underline the key words in the rubric. The proposal to build a multistorey parking garage in the place where Lawton Park now stands has caused a lot of controversy in the local council.

The parking problem in the city is well-known. However, those opposing the decision claim that the destruction of the park is unnecessary. They also say it shows a total lack of regard for the needs of children especially, who enjoy playing in the park. They insist that another site should be found for the parking garage. Growing populations in cities leads to the development of more facilities like shopping malls, and parking garages to cater for the needs of the residents.

This often happens at the expense of nature such as parks, fields or forests in the area. What are the advantages of destroying a park in order to build a parking garage that would serve the needs of a community?

Are there any disadvantages? The worlds sources of fossil fuels are diminishing rapidly and alternative sources of energy must be found. Alternative sources of energy are not free of disadvantages, unfortunately. Solar power is an alternative form of energy that is environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

There are, however, several drawbacks that have to be taken into consideration. Give your opinion. When writing an essay for or against an issue: Dont try to deal with too many points. Justify your ideas and, when possible, use examples to illustrate them. Not to say that we were surrounded by it, but the accessibility of game parks and wildlife sanctuaries always made it seem like a natural part of the environment.

For this reason, I suppose that the way my European friends used to talk to me, wasn't so strange after all. They would ask me what I thought at the time were really silly questions which got on my nerves. They'd say things like Do you have a baboon?

When John, a friend of mine who was visiting from England, invited me to join him and a group of friends on a wildlife expedition, I was not brimming with enthusiasm. However, from the moment we entered the gates of the Zaluzi game reserve, I knew that this was not going to be anything like I had expected.

We had been travelling along the National Road when, suddenly, we swerved onto a dirt track which seemed to be hidden in the middle of nowhere. Miraculously, the scenery changed dramatically. The civilised environment took on a wild, chaotic aspect and continued to do so as we penetrated deeper into the bush.

After having a good nights sleep at one of the reserves bungalows, we were woken at the crack of dawn. After a quick breakfast we piled into a jeep and set off. Our guide assured us that the early start was necessary in order to have the best chance of seeing what was really worthwhile. Armed with just a thermos of coffee, we set out towards the shore of a small lake where it was expected that we could see the animals that used it as their morning watering hole.

On the way to our destination, we topped a hill and there, silhouetted against the emerging morning light, were a group of animals. It was a stunning sight. As we moved closer, the animals did not appear to be alarmed by our presence.

I had never before come within such close range of a pride of lions. It did cross my mind, however, that we might be in a certain amount of danger. When I asked Timothy, our game ranger, if we were actually in any danger, he bluntly replied that one is never entirely safe in the bush, but his knowledge and experience allowed him to anticipate any danger with reasonable accuracy. However, the following day there was some cause for alarm. Not having started out so early, we missed the sightings of the day before.

We decided to drive around for a while, hoping to come across something of interest. Suddenly our tracker perched up on the back of our vehicle, signalled to the driver to halt and at the same moment I realised that this time we had stumbled right into a pride of lions. The driver promptly turned off the engine and in a low voice warned us to remain seated and not to make any abrupt movements.

The lions were picking at what looked like the carcass of a zebra. Timothy later told us how much to our advantage this was. Had their bellies not been full, their reaction to us would surely have been otherwise. As the nearest lion was less than three metres away from the jeep, I considered that we had been very lucky indeed.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip. Our near miss with the lions was without a doubt the highlight, but what it taught me yet again was how easy it is to be indifferent to our surroundings and not have a full appreciation of the beauty around us. How did the writer feel about the questions his European friends asked? When did the writers attitude change about the expedition? The guide woke everyone up very early, so they a.

What does It in line 17 refer to?If everyone would reduce the amount of driving they do, the amount of pollution would lessen. They do this by detaching their "light" internal energy seemingly analogous to the soul but found by the Tabula to be empirically measurable from their body. If his body on earth dies, his soul, called the light, is condemned to stay forever in the realm it visits at that time. Influenced by the ideas of the philosopher Jeremy Bentham the Tabula wish to enforce a Virtual Panopticon : a society where all individuals become so accustomed to being watched and monitored that they act at all times as if they were being observed and are as such completely controllable.

People with disabilities are particularly welcome: For international guidelines on disabled travel, call Tudor Mihai. Travelers' experiences and gifts they can view the world around them with greater speed and clarity than normal people can lend them great charisma, wisdom and vision.

Of course, there will also be places of entertainment, such as bowling alleys and ice-skating rinks.