We Can Remember It for You Wholesale. Philip K. Dick. HE AWOKE--and wanted Mars. The valleys, he thought. What would it be like to trudge among them?. Adriaanse 1 Joost L. Adriaanse Narratology & Film Adaptation Professor R. Van den Oever. 29 January ​ We Can Remember It For You Wholesale As. To learn more about what is and is not considered philosophy for the purposes of this subreddit, see our FAQ. Posts must be about philosophy.

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"We Can Remember It for You Wholesale" is a short story by American writer Philip K. Dick, first .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. The short story “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale” by Philip K. Dick presents an issue that today's world often sees. The story focuses on Douglas Quail. No preview is available for We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (Dick).pdf because its size exceeds MB. To view it, click the "Download" tab above.

The Rekal representative, McClane, refunds half of Quail's money and sends him home. Quail decides that his new memories are fake and that the staff just simply botched their job, and manages to get a full refund.

He returns home still believing the memories are fake, but discovers a box of fauna smuggled from Mars in his desk. He confronts his wife about whether or not he has actually been to Mars, and she angrily leaves him.

We Can Remember It For You Wholesale by Philip K. Dick

Two armed men suddenly enter and reveal that Quail has a telepathic transmitter in his head that allows them to read his thoughts. They then have a conversation that is both verbal and mental which leads to Quail suddenly remembering why he had his memories erased: Quail wasn't just a secret agent, he was an assassin who fought through several bodyguards on Mars and killed a political opponent for Earth's government.

With his memories returned, the armed men appeal to Quail to surrender, but Quail, with his abilities awakened as well, fights them, but flees, threatening to kill them should they follow.


Wondering what to do, Quail's former commanders suddenly speak to him through the telepathic transmitter. Quail suggests going through another mind-wipe, but his commanders state that he will just get bored with his life and go to Rekal again or try to go to Mars. Quail comes up with another idea, to remove his current memory of being an assassin and implant a new and amazing memory of something exciting.

His commanders agree, feeling that it is their obligation to help their former assassin.

Submission history

Quail turns himself in and is placed with a psychiatrist to figure out what his own personal desires are: When he was young, Quail always envisioned that as a child he came across minuscule aliens that were going to launch a full invasion of Earth with their superior technology. However, Quail was so kind and accepting to the aliens that they decided to hold off on their invasion as long as he was alive. Kind of them to do that, but they are in limited editions.

Most of us will be stuck with the Citadel versions.

I will also note that Subterranean Press fixed the corruption I was just complaining about. Plot Summary Douglas Quail wakes up and thinks about his plans to visit Mars.

We Can Remember It For You Wholesale by Philip K. Dick

His work will not allow him to take the expensive trip. His wife thinks he was dreaming of a girl. McClane informs Quail that they can implant memories of his trip to Mars. They will be better than really going there and they can also provide tangible evidence confirming that the trip took place.

In every meaningful way he would have been to Mars. Quail decides to go ahead with the implanted memories. McClane is working on preparing the technicans for the job and the material objects that will provide the authentication for the memories.

All in all it is a standard and easy case.

The technicians report a problem. He was an Interplan agent who worked on Mars. These memories were suppressed and this is why he so desperately wanted to visit Mars.

They do not know what will happen if they try to plant a false memory of Mars over a real one. McClane decides to return half of the fee to Quail and see how it goes. Quail returns to Earth after one month on Mars.

He asks for the return of all of his fee. The receptionist admits that he was there asking about taking a simulated trip, but that itself. He remembers it all, however. Eventually meeting McClane, Quail complains formally.

McClane agrees to return the rest of his fee. He warns Quail not to talk to anyone about his trip. Talking with his wife, he realizes that there are two competing memories in his mind about Mars, but he does not know how to differentiate the real one from the implanted one. He demands to know if he has ever really been to Mars.

We Can Remember It for You Wholesale (Dick).pdf

She leaves him and Interplan police arrest Quail. They explain their dilemma.

If they erase his memory of Mars, he will simply be overcome with a desire to go to Mars again, and that will lead to another visit to REKAL.Would it be unacceptably spammish to put in a plug with links for Radio Free Albemuth? However, even this relatively simple requirement is beyond the capacity of today's average RFID tag.

The solution to this dilemma is not to all try to become the most important person on Earth, but to create an economy and a society where each of our talents are valued.

In the film, the hero, renamed Quaid, travels to Mars on a dangerous mission, but the initial memory implant scene foreshadows much of what he achieves while there, causing the viewer to question whether events in the story are real or are all in Quaid's downloadd memory.

Philip K. In a biological science sense, this means that large brains are expensive organs to run; and in order for evolution to select for them there must be an equivalent or more valuable pay-off associated with the cost.

Or is he just a sad shmendrik with delusions of grandeur?