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Sorry, this document isn't available for viewing at this time. In the meantime, you can download the document by clicking the 'Download' button above. caderno aluno March 27, | Author: Sociologia | Category: Race ( Human Categorization), Etnia, raça e gênero, Homo Sapiens, Anthropology. Pack Timi - Pack Livro do Aluno + Caderno de Exercícios A1. Pack Timi 2 Livro do Aluno Caderno de Exercicios A2. Olá! Como Está? 1 (Leonete Carmo).

Text D: They can also show a more negative side and be rigid. A new female friend will give you good advice — listen to her! Read the texts in Activity 1 again and identify their characteristics.

The goat Element: Earth Ruling planet: Saturn Period: Use verbs and expressions from the box.: Carlos will download a new car next year. He to the movies with us. I you! I to him again — ever! Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. Below you have the complete list of signs of the zodiac.

Para o aluno

I at home. So you will be 15 in 24 days! How old are you. Put in is.

Fill in the chart below with information about your friends and family. Marcos and Joana go to school together. God only knows how she 3.

You may interview them in English using the dialogue in the box as a guide! When I met her in the morning she e singing happily. Today he cities. When is your birthday? On September 22nd.

My cousin a a sales representative.

Today is August 29th and they are talking about birthdays. If he wants something. May 5th Manchester Guardian. Choose the correct adjective to complete the sentences. Match the illustrations to the types of puzzles.

Study the words on the left column and identify which strategy is used to express their meaning. Now match the columns: What are the most common puzzles in newspapers? How do we recognize a puzzle?

Do you like solving puzzles? Why not? Some letters are given to help you. When a plan or work has ………. Follow the clues to solve the crossword puzzle. When you tend to do something. Break the code and discover the names. Match the adjectives to their synonyms and antonyms. For each word. One has been done for you as an example.

Now use the words from Activity 2 to describe two people you know. Deus ajuda quem cedo madruga. A saying is a well-known expression that states a general truth or gives advice.

Hard times. Facts alone are wanted in life. Follow the example. Then answer: O barato sai caro. Match the sayings in English to their equivalents in Portuguese. How do you know? Take a quick look at this newspaper page written in Portuguese. Restaurant Thai scent. Perfect for risk takers! Capitol Theater. Dance The geobody. When deciding what to do to entertain themselves.

The Odeon. Which one? A pick is something that is considered the best choice. Read the text in Activity 2 again and explain. Manion Studio. The sentences below are all false. Hype Music Hall. A perfect production in every possible sense.

Paula and Sandra are also coming. Then practice these conversations with a friend! Unscramble the lines to make conversations. In the dialogues below. I heard they have great pasta there! How about that new restaurant on Main Street? Count me in! Are you free on Friday night? I have tickets to a rock concert. Where shall we eat? Would you like to go to the movies this weekend? He is always trying new recipes. Maybe we could rent a movie and watch it at home.

She dreams of becoming an actress. If you were the critic of a local newspaper. Explain your suggestions in Portuguese. Maybe… Why? What shall we see?

He loves all kinds of movies. Choose a verb in the box to complete these free time activities. She usually likes everything associated with body and movement. Now write about your free time.

During the week. Whenever I have a break. I sometimes go to the movies — usually with a friend. I listen to music or talk to my friends on-line.

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During the weekends. Add other activities apart from the ones in Activity 3. I like to surf the web. The descent of man. I usually stay at home and get some rest. Study the example below. Group work — get organized in twelve groups: Remember to use a dictionary and ask your teacher whenever you need help.

Follow the steps below. Use the lines below to make notes or rewrite parts of the texts you have collected.

Remember to plan the layout of your text. A horoscope. Then write it in the box that follows. Some possibilities are: Read, write, think.

Acesso em: Longman dictionary of contemporary English. Night Shyamalan. EUA, One day the side by side with its dinner: What are the chances pits when he saw a peculiar scene. Not many. McDevon reported what he had will probably devour her furry little friend.

Read only the headlines from the following texts and anticipate what each story is about. Gouldin injury. Robert Kingsdale of the head. Read the two news stories quickly and match the columns: Susan Gouldin. A happy ending to what immobilized her and put her on a stretcher could have been a disastrous event. Emergency paramedics quickly County Hospital.

Study the underlined verbs in both news stories. What verb tenses are they? Why are these verb tenses used? Choose the correct sentence to complete the conversations.

I was listening to music and was having my earphones on! Did I interrupt?

Never mind. I was listening to music and had my earphones on! I listened to music and had my earphones on! What were the students doing when the teacher arrived? Fill in the blanks to describe the picture. I talk to my boyfriend. Use the verbs in the box in the past continuous. I talked to my boyfriend. Past simple or past continuous? Choose the correct form of the verbs in the sentences below.

I was talking to my boyfriend. She h a considerable i the platform sum of money. An example of citizenship! Use the verbs in the box to complete the story. The high school student d a dirty bag lying on the floor. Auguries of innocence. Instead of putting it in her bag. On the one hand. When quoting.

The follow-up paragraphs explain and amplify the story by providing relevant Remember: Once people have been identified. The lead is a short introductory paragraph — the first and last names. On the other hand.. Find in the text: What are the 5 Ws and the H? Why answering them provides a summary of the story?

Do all the texts follow the inverted pyramid structure? Leaf through a printed newspaper in Portuguese. Match the 5 Ws and the H with the information they request: Last weekend. I rented a DVD. She was having an argument with her boyfriend. How did you cut yourself? My grandmother. I stayed at home and surfed the web. I was crying chopping some onions and the tears blurred my vision. It was her birthday.

Match questions and answers. In the shopping mall. Match the columns. A great comedy. Because there was too much noise in the room.

It was pretty embarrassing. No miracle. Write about what happened. I just studied really hard. Chris told me you have a new boyfriend. My brother is in hospital. It was a long time ago. Fill in the questions with the correct question word. Think of something peculiar or unusual that happened to you in the last few months.

Use the questions and the example on the next page to organize your text. I was in the 7th grade. A teddy bear.

He is in the 2nd year. Rio Grande do Sul. She will love it! I heard you are moving. Don Juan. For example. You will now write headlines and lead paragraphs for the front page of a class or school newspaper. Remember that you have already written some headlines earlier this year. If you like. Headline and lead — First draft Make sure that: Headline and lead — Edited version Present simple active or present simple passive?

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb in brackets. My younger sister helped was helped as the main means of communication. Santos prolong life. Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences. Walden Circle the correct form of the verbs to complete the story.

Rewrite the sentences in the active voice. Henry David. Will you use A4 paper? Will it be horizontally set landscape or vertically set portrait? Will it be handwritten or typed using a word processor? Will there be photographs? If so. Are there cameras available for this? If not. The important thing is to keep in mind that newspapers are written to be read.

To do it. If you have already chosen a name. Same recommendations as given to Group 3. Class news. Group 5: School news. Group 2: You should choose some of the texts you produced previously. The front page should have all the headlines for the leads your class wrote in Situated Learning 7. You should put together the headlines and leads written in Situated Learning 7.

Group 3: Group 1: Group 4: Find some quiet time to read. Elas foram aceitas? Orson Welles. Neste site. Steven Spielberg. Ron Howard.

Brick by Brick

Anote-as abaixo. Anote-as nas linhas a seguir. O campo associativo de outra pessoa poderia ser. Por exemplo. Por que isso ocorre? Compare suas respostas com as de outros colegas. Por sua vez. A partir delas. Na coluna da esquerda. Associe as colunas. Agora leia os depoimentos a seguir. Evanildo Bechara. Pense sobre isso! Quando esses textos combinam imagens.

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Quando clicamos em uma delas. Na internet. Think about it! No campo 4 Sentence from the text. On February 22nd Adjectives ambitious considerate insensitive responsible aspiring determined intolerant sensitive aware egocentric intuitive shy compassionate emotional irresponsible unaware competitive gentle kind unfriendly conservative hostile pessimistic unsociable I have too many books to carry.

Present perfect: It has been made several times. They were being made yesterday. Modal verbs: Can it be made? It should be made. Are they being made now? Reconhecer os usos do tempo verbal presente perfeito. Reconhecer o uso de verbos que indicam diferentes habilidades. What is its purpose? Islend on Leki Iroi, suathirn Unterou, Cenede. Have a look at the following text and answer the questions.

Volunteer projects in Brazil There are many opportunities to work as a volunteer in Brazil. Have a look at these projects. Volunteer projects in Brazil Hospital work: volunteers can serve at hospitals that attend poor children every day with all kinds of diseases. It is possible to help at the kitchen, and even play with children at the physiotherapy room. Volunteers can also work at the toy library in the There are many opportunities for volunteer work in Brazil.

Support house: in many hospitals there are support houses that ………… to ac- commodate children and teenagers under treatment. Childcare and recreation: volunteers can work at preschools with children from diseases.

They can help at the kitchen, and even play with children at the physical therapy room.Por outro lado. Jocimar Daolio. They can help at the kitchen, and even play with children at the physical therapy room.

Hebe Micsik. Weslley Matos. Por sua vez. Ccnaexploration Fundamentosderede 3funcionalidadeeprotocolosdacamadadeaplicao Phpapp For example.