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Toggle navigation. Seloka: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia Prasetyo Yuli Kurniawan, Nervi Yani Saputri. pdf. BASINDO: jurnal kajian bahasa, sastra Indonesia, dan pembelajarannya. HARIAN SUARA MERDEKA. Lupita Bunga Pertiwi, Dawud Dawud. PDF Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia dan Prodi Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia. HORTATORI Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia. HORTATORI Central Java. Jatut Yoga Prameswari, Dewi Indah Susanti, Siti Jubei. PDF. .

The web-based research information offers fast access systems, easy and comprehensive to measure the performance of researchers, institutions and journals in Indonesia [11]. METHOD This study used qualitative approach which focused more on interpretation [13] instead of numbers as data analysis.

Stages of qualitative data analysis employed in this study were data classification, data reduction, data analysis, data presentation, data verification, and conclusion [14]. SINTA 1 was not included because there was no journal in literature category found. For data analysis, the writer searched for journal names in literature category and specified the articles related to literature genres, which are literature, novel, fiction, short story, poetry, and drama.

In order to perfect the data analysis, data reliability and validation was undergone [15]. Titles of literature articles using literature entry are found the most totalling On the contrary, there were only 2 titles of literature articles using drama entry.

This finding implies that literature entry was more preferable to be used as research titles by more writers, while drama entry is less preferable. This finding implies that the most preferred and issued literary genre in journals was novel. On the contrary, the literary genre with the least amount of entries was fiction.

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The reason behind this was not related to the interest reviewers have on fiction, but because it was less familiar in literary studies. Which is why there was no entry found in the journals.

While in fact, fiction can be in the form of novels and short stories [16]. Titles of literature articles using novel entry are found at the most totalling On the contrary, there were only 8 titles of literature articles using fiction entry. The reason for this case was that fiction was the least familiar genre among literature reviewers.

In visual image, the mapping of Indonesian literature based on the research titles within the category of literature, novel, fiction, short story, poetry, and drama is as follows: The chart shows the amount of articles on Indonesian literature studies: 1 articles on literature studies; 2 articles on novel studies; 3 14 articles on fiction studies; 4 72 articles on short story studies; 5 88 articles on poetry studies; and 6 36 articles on drama studies.

There were mostly literary studies in literature with entry titles, while the least studies was of drama with only 36 entries. Note: the low amount of journal entries of fiction was not because of the lack of interest in writing fiction genre. It is just that fiction covers novel and short story.

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Therefore, when it was categorized into literature, novel, short story, poetry, and drama, the most titles found were articles on novel studies with entries; and the least was studies of drama with 36 entries. On the other hand, research using drama as the titles ranked the least with only 36 data. Drama was on the bottom of the list because it was indeed less preferable by literature reviewers in Indonesia. A new introduction to modern Indonesian literature.


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Interdisciplinary Literary Studies. Stamp, A. Preparing graduate students and undergraduates for interdisciplinaryresearch.

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PDF Bahasa Indonesia. Reni Nur Eriyani. Siti Ansoriyah dan Publisher: Jurnal PDF kb view from original source. Volume 3, Nomor 2, Desember , him.

Kata Majemuk dalam Bahasa Indonesia Yahya, Andayani -, Kundharu Saddhono. Herfina Assadiyah, Eriska Kurnia, Dr. Afnita S. Faizal Arvianto, deden ahmad supendi, Tanti Agustiani.

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PDF English. Lupita Bunga Pertiwi, Dawud Dawud. Sari views: PDF views: Jurnal Penyakit Dalam Indonesia ; Jurnal Penyakit Dalam Indonesia adalah jurnal kedokteran penyakit dalam yang dikelola secara elektronik dengan standar Published: E Inderasari, T Agustina. Jurnal Pendidikan Vol 3 No 2 : Jurnal Al- Thariqah. Jurnal Gantang ; 30 Sep Copyright Notice.

Depositor Speed: Publisher: Jurnal The publication of journals is intended to keep the institute's commitment to the knowledge they are engaged in, so that journal publishing is more an effort to improve institutional image. Jurnal Pendidikan Hodson, A.